MOUNTAIN HOUSE (CBS13) – Hundreds of cats are causing some big concern in Mountain House.

A massive rescue operation is underway to stop a booming feral cat population.

Some say the town’s many foreclosures are to blame.

Rescuers say a number of feral cats live in the creek but that’s not all. They say hundreds are roaming the neighborhood.

A recent mountain lion false alarm shed light on another cat problem, the exploding feral cat population in the small bedroom community of Mountain House.

“I saw the picture, that’s a cat,” said Jacqueline Dekker, organizer of Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue.

The feral cat is one of many roaming the streets.

Neighbors formed the cat rescue to control the population by using the trap and release method.

“We trap them, spay and neuter them, and return them to where they feel safe,” said Anne-Marie Swainpoel.

“They come to us spitting and hissing, and growling. With a lot of love and attention, they become loving pets,” said Dekker.

Kittens are placed in local foster homes until they are ready to be put up for adoption.

Organizers blame the foreclosure crisis for the cat conundrum.

“People had to move and they left their cats. It’s been a few years and it’s becoming a problem. Everywhere you go you see cats wondering,” said Dekker.

They suspect hundreds of strays are living in the streets and fear the number will only continue to grow.

“You’ve got these colonies that have more and more cats and it just becomes out of control,” said Dekker.

So far they have spent $5,000 out of their own pockets.

The group is working to become a nonprofit.


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