PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – They’re strangers, now bonded through a harrowing few minutes that rocked Scott Moreau’s world and changed Emily O’Meara’s life forever.

O’Meara and her family were out boating at Sly Park on Jenkins Lake two weeks ago.

When they were coming into shore, a gust of wind picked up a raft and the tow rope wrapped around O’Meara’s ankle, violently yanking her from the boat.

“Next thing I knew after that, I was coming up out of the water. Lifted my leg up out of the water and there wasn’t my foot, was just dangling there,” said O’Meara.

Moreau saw the commotion and called 911.

“i choked up a minute just hearing it,” said O’Meara.

Moreau is also meeting O’Meara’s husband and reliving an unforgettable few minutes.

“He was the one tying off my tourniquet so he was a little busy,” said O’Meara about her husband.

They were actions that no doubt saved O’Meara’s life, along with a quick response from EMTs.

“I was just amazed,” said O’Meara.

Now, she isn’t looking back. Instead, she’s staring straight ahead with laser focus, quickly adjusting to her new normal and on a mission to thank those who ensured she’d have a chance to live a full life.

If you’re getting the sense O’Meara doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her, you’re absolutely right.

This could’ve been so much worse.

“I will gladly sacrifice a foot and be glad it wasn’t my son sitting in that seat,” said O’Meara.

Her job as a server at a Placerville restaurant is waiting for her whenever she’s ready to come back

“I was given a second chance at life, and I’m just going to go with it and see where it takes me,” said O’Meara.

“That’s amazing. I don’t know how she does it,” said Moreau.

“I just want to thank Scott; you’re the last piece of the puzzle,” said O’Meara.

Now O’Meara has a new goal, to go back to the very lake where she lost her foot and go water skiing in a year.


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