SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s been about a month since lawmakers passed a bill which would allow Speed Freak Killer Wesley Shermantine to be transported to help in the recovery of victims, but so far that hasn’t happened.

A few weeks ago, Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani told CBS13 that she’d request to take Shermantine out herself if the effort stalled.

Now, with her own law enforcement team, she’s done just that; but she says she’s still getting the run around.

“I’ve had it, everybody has had it,” said Galgiani. “We are tired of waiting, there is no more stalling.”

Strong words from Galgiani, she says it’s time for the department of corrections to approve the transport of Shermantine from death row to possible burial sites of victims.

“I have asked for it; I have said I am putting together a task force and I’m taking Wesley Shermantine out myself,” said Galgiani.

Two weeks ago, she sent a letter to corrections asking for the transport writing.

“Now I come before you with recently enacted statute, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, allowing you express authority to authorize the request I am making,” the letter read.

“They’ve gotten one letter from me. They are getting another letter this week and it’s going to say you’ve got 48 hours to follow the law or I’m going to the governor; and if I have to, I’m going to a higher authority than that,” said Galgiani.

So far Shermantine has written letters and given clues which led to the discovery of five people, and a fetus, all believed to be the victims of the Speed Freak Killers.

Galgiani says Shermantine is willing to be transported to assist in the recovery efforts, but she’s not willing to wait much longer after families have waited for decades.

“I’m sick and tried of the department of corrections dragging their feet while my families in my district suffer,” said Galgiani.

Galgiani says Shermintine has made it clear he’s willing to work with investigators and prison officials.


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