ROCKLIN (CBS13) – The city of Rocklin is making some big changes to spark business in the town’s historic district.

What seems like a dying part of town, the city of Rocklin hopes it will soon come back to life.

“The businesses are what makes the money, so if were not working then there is nothing going on,” said Demetrius Besougloff, guitar shop owner.

The new business attraction retention and revitalization overlay, BARRO Zone, has been approved by the city council this week.

“As you know the economy is in dire straights at this time and the city is looking to do whatever it can to facilitate business by making our process and our permits easier and less expensive,” said Sherri Abbas, Rocklin community Development dirctor.

Areas targeted are properties in the historic district.

“We are looking at areas along Rocklin Road and along Pacific Street, with some neighborhoods out in Sunset and Whitney,” said Abbas.

The zone will give new businesses a break and spark opportunity for current shops.

“The review and approval process is reduced. Fee structure for design and review has been reduced, and thereby making it much more attractive for a new business owner to work with the city of Rocklin to get his project approved,” said Abbas.

Many business owners hope the idea will help them redo their store fronts.

“Definitely the front of the building is like from the 70s. So it could definitely use a new look to bring it up to date, and that would help us out,” said Mario Davis, a small business owner.

The plan could save thousands of dollars, and the city is stepping up their game to get more people to shop.

“We have developed a phone app that advertises and labels Rocklin restaurants and other businesses, so that way when people come into Rocklin they can find and patronize those locations,” said Abbas.

“If we can keep people coming over here to the older part of Rocklin and enjoy the established business here, I think it’s a great idea,” said Besougloff.

The city’s also produced a phone app with a series of virtual tour videos showcasing some of the city’s services to spark business.


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