STOCKTON (CBS13) – Fed up and frustrated, concerned Stockton citizens met with the new police chief face-to-face Wednesday to tell him enough is enough.

They’re looking for solutions to get their crime-ridden city back on the right track.

The police chief said the department won’t be the solution to bring down crime, it’s going to be the department working with the community.

“It’s now time for us all to come together,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.

It’s a message of unity from Stockton’s police chief to combat crime as a community.

Some say it’s a solution.

“We are the eyes and ears for the police department,” said resident Donna Bolla.

Others say it’s not enough.

“There’s only so much that people out in the community can really do,” said resident Alex Ferreyra.

Ferreyra just lost his cousin, a 23-year-old gunned down in Stockton. It’s a story he shared during Wednesday night’s community meeting.

“I met this officer last week and this gentleman behind the camera while my cousin lied on the driveway in a broad daylight shooting,” said Ferreyra.

The police chief listened to other cases of crime from a stream of Stockton citizens, as critics questioned whether the department could win the crime fight.

“We’re broke and we have no protection and this is not what we deserve as citizens,” said Ferreyra.

Even Ferreyra agreed with the majority, the chief’s effort to work with the community is the first step in the right direction joining in the department’s battle to combat criminals.

“Under the current circumstances with what our city is going through, right now, that’s the only answer,” said Bolla. “We all have to pitch in and help, and try and make the city safe.”

The police chief introduced what he’s calling “The Community Advisory Board,” a board made up of people in the community to help him find answers to bring down violence.


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