Today on the Grant Napear Show, there was lots of talk about performance enhancing drug use and Bartolo Colon’s suspension. Grant took calls about steroid use in high school, the punishments in Major League Baseball for positive drug tests, as well as which team would win the AFC West. Grant also talked about the San Francisco Giants and where they might finish this season. Grant interviewed Greg Amsinger and John Smoltz.

Greg Amsinger from MLB Network joined Grant to talk about Major League Baseball as the season winds down. Greg discussed the suspensions of Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon following their positive drug tests. He further discussed how the Colon suspension will hurt the A’s, but not cripple them. Along with that, Greg talked about harsher suspensions for drug use, as well as the San Francisco Giants’ series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Grant and Greg discussed the Giants’ bullpen, how Billy Beane and the A’s have built a competitive team. Finally, Greg talked about the Washington Nationals’ success after uniting with Scott Boras, and how Joe Maddon and the Tampa Bay Rays maintain competitiveness year in and year out.

John Smoltz from MLB Network was on with Grant today to talk about the final weeks of the MLB season. John and Grant talked about the effectiveness of the MLB’s policy regarding suspensions for drug use. John gave his thoughts on whether the current suspension system is good enough. He also talked about the Giants and Dodgers and how they haven’t been able to separate from one another in the standings. Finally, John talked about Stephen Strasburg being shut down by the Nationals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and their struggles, as well as how Derek Jeter has been great so late into his career.


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