Don begins by addressing the rumor that the Kings are moving to Virginia Beach, that has the entire Sacramento media world flipping out. Don tells us what a craphole Virginia Beach is, and that there’s no way in hell the Kings are moving there. He then calls Janet, who’s birthday is tomorrow, and they talk about their plans for her birthday weekend. The guys also talk about Phantom’s trip to L.A., where they’ll be taking his oldest son Kyle to college at Cal St. Fullerton. After Little Joe tells us about the “Lesbian controversy” involving Roy’s lesbian friend and the Stockton pride committee, Joe reads a few of Craig’s drunken texts and tweets from last night, and discuss the cheap booze he was drinking.

Don then asks if the “Biden Factor” is killing the Obama campaign, and plays a clip from Biden’s speech yesterday, in which he says he’s known 3 Presidents “intimately.” We also hear a clip of a guy who dropped ‘shrooms before going on “The Price Is Right” and telling Drew Carey he’s a “Skateboard Rabbi.” We also hear a new parody song done by 8 grandmas, about Todd Akin’s idiotic “legitimate rape” comments. We then get a visit from Roy, who has brought along his two lesbian friends, to talk about the pride parade in Stockton this weekend, but after one of the lesbians gets mouthy with Don, he kicks them out of the studio.

After all the lesbian madness has subsided, our good friend, comedian Pablo Francisco joins us in the studio. Pablo, who will be performing at the Punchline in Sac all weekend, does his trademark rapid fire impersonations, talks about his style of comedy, and how his management wants him to “grow up,” and tells us about some of the famous people he’s met. Then our good buddy Frank Caliendo calls in, and an exchange between the impression experts ensues, much to the hilarity and delight of all the guys! After Pablo, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.”

Today, Phantom tells us about the shooting at the Empire State Building this morning, a man who drives into a harbor after getting bad GPS directions, Dave Grohl fills a fan’s beer for him onstage, and a guy pulls out a samurai sword at a Las Vegas Dairy Queen, and gets shot. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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