ELK GROVE(CBS13) – Much-needed state unemployment payments were delayed Tuesday, and the glitch kept people from paying bills and buying food.

Anyone living paycheck to paycheck, just scraping by, can appreciate that this was far more than just a little inconvenience.

Travis Malek didn’t scoop up ice cream for his kids because right now he can’t afford to buy much food or pay his bills.

“PG&E, get some groceries, gas in the car,” he said, “Just basic everyday things in life.”

This out-of-work Modesto electrician is frustrated by an Employment Development Department’s payday problem Tuesday, delaying unemployment benefits for thousands statewide. The EDD sent out a statement Wednesday saying the problem had been fixed and funds applied to recipients’ debit cards.

But the glitch provided some anxious moments for people like Travis and his family.

“We’re counting on it to survive until we can find other jobs so it just makes it that much harder,” he said.

Money that shows up every two weeks on his EDD Bank of America debit card didn’t come through Monday or Tuesday. Travis said getting an answer about the issue was nearly impossible.

“I tried calling in at 7:58 (Tuesday) morning and already their phone said ‘too many people calling and you gotta call back,’ and I’m like ‘oh man.’

Bank of American offered the same recorded message, blaming the EDD, since 10 on Tuesday morning: “The EDD is actively working on this issue. We will update this message as new information is received.”

Meanwhile, the EDD posted a brief explanation on its website: “Payments due on August 27th are currently not available because of technical problems with the state Office of Technology Services. This technical issue is being resolved as quickly as possible.”

The state later released a statement saying: “A technical issue delayed the processing of some EDD data batches late last night. The State has prioritized these payments, and expects all recipient payments to be up-to-date by tomorrow.”


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