OLIVEHURST (CBS13) – A house of filth is discovered during a child abuse investigation; and now, one of the suspects is making a startling admission.

A mother admits her own boyfriend attacked her daughter – and that’s not all.

First she denied it, and then she admitted everything.

She said her boyfriend bit her teenage daughter hard enough to leave a mark. She says he was high when it happened.

The mom told CBS13 about her drug addiction; and then surprisingly invited us in to her Olivehurst home for a look at what deputies call a house of filth.

From the counters to the garbage can, the kitchen was crawling with cockroaches.

A rat could be heard pawing around in a cupboard.

“We caught one the other night,” said Michelle Bennett.

She says you need shoes to shower and her 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom is in shambles.

Bennett claims she’s actually trying to clean up her home since she and her boyfriend were arrested on child abuse charges after the biting attack last week.

We took one look around and had to ask if Bennett considered herself to be a fit mother in a filthy house like this, and with a boyfriend who she admits bit her daughter.

“No I don’t, because I can’t take care of my kids,” said Bennett.

However, Bennett says she has plans to become a better mother.

“I’m going to get help for my drug habits,” said Bennett.

She says she’s been clean since her arrest, admitting to battling meth and Vicodin addiction for years.

Bennett says her boyfriend, Jon Wilkerson, uses too and was high when the incident happened.

“He likes the meth better than the Vicodins (sic). That’s where we’re different; I like Vicodins better than meth; he likes meth better than Vicodins,” said Bennett.

Her 13-year-old and 2-year-old daughters are with family now, after being taken away by CPS.

Even after what happened Bennett says she still hasn’t decided whether or not to break up with her boyfriend.

She hopes to clean her life up and get off the drugs; and get her kids back.

It’s a process she’s been told will take months.

Wilkerson is still behind bars at Yuba County Jail on $50,000 bail.


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