SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento man is accused of bursting into a home and trying to beat up the small children of a woman who was giving him assistance. But the accusations don’t stop there.

Bobby Wooten is sitting behind bars at Sacramento County Jail, and the children’s mother is talking about the ordeal.

“No one will be staying the night at my house. No one,” said mother Andrea.

You can’t blame Andrea for feeling regret after police arrested a man she was trying to help.

Officers say Wooten entered Andrea’s Meadowview home and went after her kids.

“He literally jumped through the window, pulled the curtain down and started attacking my children,” said Andrea.

Andrea says she was allowing Wooten, a family friend, to stay at the home on occasion because he had no where else to go.

“He came and knocked on the door. I was in the shower,” said Andrea.

But on Saturday, when her children wouldn’t let Wooten in without their mother’s permission, he snapped.

“He did punch my 9-year-old son in the back. He pushed my daughter, and he threw a truck at my 11-year-old’s face,” said Andrea.

She says Wooten came through an open window, left, came back, and broke the same window.

“If someone told me the story, I probably wouldn’t believe it,” said Andrea.

Police caught up with Wooten and charged him with burglary and child abuse.

“Regardless of the circumstances, he had no right to come into my home and lay hands on my children,” said Andrea.

The kids are OK, but Andrea says it should serve as a warning.

“There was really no reason for this,” said Andrea.

CBS13 searched Wooten’s criminal history in Sacramento, but we couldn’t find any previous run-ins with the law.


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