The NFL season starts tonight, and Don couldn’t be happier!!! The guys talk about how great it is to have football back, and Don tells us that once again, all is right with the world. The guys then get into a discussion about their bathroom habits, in light of a toilet paper roll Don brought in from the men’s room, that was torn up from the adhesive that is put on brand new rolls. The guys then talk about last night’s fantasy draft at Buffalo Wild Wings, and all the craziness that went down. Don then talks to loyal listener Ryan, Blind Neal, and FOX 40’s Kristina Werner, all of whom are in the league, and were at the draft.

The guys then play two rounds of “$10 Pyramid,” with Craig paired up with Steve, and Phantom with Little Joe. Among the categories today: “Superheroes,” “Eagles Songs,” “Schwarzenegger Movies,” and “Here’s Johnny.” We then hear a 911 call from an 18 year old who smoked synthetic marijuana, and a Dr. Phil soundboard prank call. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: A new Charlie Manson album, a Muslim Green Lantern, Michael Clarke Duncan is still dead, and Jessica Simpson is humongous. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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