SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands took to the streets of Sacramento Sunday morning vowing never to forget those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Some ran to pay their respects. Other wanted to support family and friends who are fire fighters and serviceman. Some who ran lost family members on 9-11.

“I know tons of people that lost family members not just me and so I try to open up and pay respect anyway I can,” said one race participant.

One runner was supposed to be at work at the World Trade Center that day. But Jack Wagner says he had a bad feeling that day and decided not to go to work for his plumbing job that day at the World Trade Center.

“I have a feeling something is just not going to go right today. (I) woke up and felt like something bad was going to happen,” said Wagner. “I had family members who were policeman and firemen so that 343 that lost their lives that day will always be heavy in my heart.”

So now symbolically dressed in non-running attire, Wagener ran the race as if he were an emergency responder facing danger head-on.

“Fireman, policeman when it’s their time to do their job they don’t have a chance to put on running shorts and shoes and comfy t-shirt,” explained Wager.

At the end of the run, ach runner received a flag to be placed next to a plaque with the name of someone who lost their life on 9-11.


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