ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Local children are learning about 9-11 in the classrooms, but some fifth graders say they’re finding it hard to get their parents to talk about it.

Cindy Doyle’s Elk Grove Elementary class was learning about numbers Tuesday, but struggling with the digits 9-11.

“I wasn’t born when it happened,” Emily McHale said. “My mom told me about it a little bit.”

These children were born a year later. On Tuesday’s anniversary of that horrible day, Ms. Doyle was careful to explain to the innocent faces why it’s important to recognize 9-11.

“Many of you know a little bit about what happened and every year at the anniversary I’m sure you’ve heard a little bit more,” she said.

We too learned something in class. The parents of most of these 10-year-olds still avoid 9-11 memories.

“No, my parents don’t really talk about it,” a boy said.

“Not very much,” said another student.
((butt bites))

“We don’t really talk about it,” Rene Chatto said.

“maybe if i remind my parents.”

Ms. Doyle believes the real lessons of 9-11 should not be taught in the classroom but rather shared in family living rooms.

“I think it’s import for parents to think about what their child is really ready for and to preview things that are on TV,” she said.

A lot of the kids we spoke with Tuesday said they were going to go home and talk to their parents about that horrible day in American history.


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