By Frank Luna

Watching the painful display that was the Oakland Raiders home opener, I couldn’t help but notice former CBS13  intern Greg Knapp on the sidelines calling plays for the silver and black.

Yes, Greg is the pride and joy of Sacramento State, having quarterbacked the Hornets during the 1980’s and even spending some time in the Chiefs, Raiders and 49ers training camps before starting his NFL coaching career.

And what a career its been, coaching the likes of Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Michael Vick and Matt Schaub. He’s well-traveled in the NFL but I’m glad to see him back in Northern California.

Even though the Raiders fumbled a bungled their way to their first loss, Knapp’s offense managed to out perform the Charger offense. Greg is a gifted offensive tactician and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him ascend to NFL head coach some day.


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