Today, Don begins with his eye appointment yesterday, in which his wife Janet, and sales guy Scott Marsh both attended, and lasted for 2 hours! Don then tells us why the car chase in L.A. yesterday was the greatest car chase ever, and we get a visit from CBS broadcaster Kevin Harlan. Kevin, who is calling the Oakland/Miami game on Sunday, and the Denver/Atlanta on Monday, talks about juggling his hectic schedule, and how the preseason prepared him for the regular season. He also discusses the Packer/49er game last week, the replacement refs, and why December is the most important month of the NFL season.

After Kevin, we get a visit from Don’s favorite comedienne, Lisa Lampanelli. Lisa, who is performing at the Crest Theater on Saturday, Sept. 22, tells us about her gastric sleeve surgery that has led to her losing 74 pounds, her bedroom behavior with her husband, the maddest any celebrity has ever gotten at her, and the “Celebrity Apprentice” stories she plans on telling at the Sacramento live show! After Lisa, the guys talk about the hottest comediennes in the biz, and the DIRECT TV blackout last night. We then hear Steve’s “X Factor appearance,” last night, put together by Little Joe, a new 911 call, and Whoopie Goldberg peed her pants on “The View.”

We then get an in studio visit from former UFC Champion Urijah Faber. Urijah talks about how he got into MMA, UFC 152, which is happening on Sept. 22nd, his sister’s miraculous recovery from her horrifying car accident, his rigorous training regiment, and his new book. He also gives Craig an elbow to the shoulder, and chokes him out!

We then see a topless tweet of “Newsroom’s’ Alison Pill, and hear Kathy Bates had her boobs removed. Don then gives us the details on the brand new iPhone 5, and we see a sports DJ fall asleep during an interview.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a U.S. Merchant Marine professor who was suspended for making an Aurora shooting joke, Led Zeppelin’s new concert video to be released Oct. 17, Bob Dylan’s interview with Rolling Stone, and the tallest mohawk in the world. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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