SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Twin Rivers Police Department is without a leader for the third time in less than a year.

The acting chief stepped down eight months after taking the job.

CBS13 first sat down with Acting Police Chief Scott LaCosse in his first interview as chief in January.

He said then he knew it would be a challenge, but during his last interview as chief Thursday, when asked if would take the job knowing what he does today, he said no.

“Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have but not necessarily because of the way it turned out,” said LaCosse.

In his last interview and final minutes as acting chief of the Twin Rivers Police Department, LaCosse isn’t holding much back.

LaCosse believes the attitude of the board needs to change, as he resigned after what he describes as a power struggle with the school board.

The board wanted to use a police K9 on school grounds, but LaCosse did not.

“In order for us to continue the organization moving forward, we have to be allowed to do our jobs,” said LaCosse.

He feels he’s made a lot of progress, focusing more on keeping kids safe at schools and stepping back from chasing crime calls in the community.

Eight months ago, on his first day on the job, he admitted it wouldn’t be easy.

“It has been a challenge in a lot of respects,” said LaCosse.

When asked whether he would last before his time was supposed to be up, LaCosse said “It’s impossible to say.”

“At that point, you can’t foresee what all the challenges are going to be,” he said.

Despite the challenges he faced with the school board, he says keeping schools safe was rewarding.

Now, it’s unknown whether the progress he made with the community will continue with him gone.

LaCosse had some advice for the next chief, saying to “make sure the focus of the officers continues to be on the safety of the students and staff ahead of everything else.”

Twin Rivers hired him because of his 32-year career in law enforcement.

LaCosse says he’ll now be following his original plan for retiring after he left the Sacramento Police Department.


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