By Mikhail Chernyavsky

Rated R for strong sexual content throughout, language and some drug use.

Dirty jokes have never been presented in such a cute manner as “For A Good Time, Call…”

However, this pay-per-minute phone sex film of female friendship, boarding on romance, is nothing new.

It is a mere shell of a film in the recent wave of girls behaving badly genre that we have seen from films such as “Bridesmaids” and shows like “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.”

Falling on some financial hardship, the prudish Lauren (Lauren Miller) and promiscuous Katie (Ari Graynor) are forced to move in together, and quickly bond – despite hating each other.

Tired of being boring, Lauren decides to help Katie turn her phone sex side job into a thriving business.

It comes as no surprise that the bluest moments of the film come from the phone calls, which also hold some of the film’s most hilarious scenes, sporting cameos from Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen (Miller’s husband).

Unfortunately, both male and female characters are very stereotypical, particularly gay friend Jesse (Justin Long).

Long’s character is a hackneyed outline of what gay men “act like,” throwing around a lot of OMGs and limp wrists.

With the prominence of gay characters in film and television, Jesse comes off as a tired cliché, taking away from the humor of the film.

Despite the stereotypes and weak characters, the crude humor, which comes off more as little kids giggling at saying the word sex, and romantic-comedy formula of the film make it endearing.

The fact that the filmmakers were able to use crude humor without being overly vulgar –compared to, what else but, last summer’s “Bridesmaids” – is actually refreshing.

You are able to laugh at a joke without being nauseated, which says a lot in a comedic era where writers seem to be going for more groans than actual laughs.

So, although, Good Times doesn’t really push any comedic boundaries, and is mostly about sex, it’s a cute film for a girls’ night out, and even one where the boyfriend will have a few laughs.

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