STOCKTON (CBS13) – Families in Stockton are desperate to keep their children safe as violent crime continues to spike in the city.

This weekend, one community will come together and take matters into their own hands.

Ginger Maloney lives in one of the most dangerous parts of Stockton.

“At night you hear the shooting and yeah, it’s scary,” said Maloney.

But moving out of Sierra Vista subsidized housing isn’t an option.

“I couldn’t afford anything else. You just try and make the best of it,” said Maloney.

That’s why the single mother of three teens, along with other neighbors, is on a mission to improve the community.

The resident council organized a special violence awareness meeting Saturday with the help of city and church leaders.

The goal is to reach out to the families who live in the complex of almost 400 homes.

“If you are good with your neighbor, you can find a way to communicate, get a long and stop the violence, the robberies, shootings,” said Maloney.

The bankrupt city’s violence problems are no secret as the city is 10 killings away from breaking the record of 58.

Maloney hopes she can help stop that.

“There’s a lot of others like me, we just want to raise our kids right,” said Maloney.

Organizers expect more than 400 people to attend Saturday’s event.


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