SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Soon the sounds of music will return to Grant Union High School after 20 years. That’s when the school lost its marching band and a silence fell at football games, parades and competitions.

The timing could not be more perfect as Grant Union High School celebrates its 80th anniversary this weekend.

The school’s drum line is practicing for the big day, but they’re also preparing for much more.

“It’s great to finally have it,” said freshman Dresdon Vogt.

After two decades without a marching band, likely because of budget issues, the alumni association is bringing one back.

Ask someone who used to be on the Pacers marching band decades ago, a Grant football player or just a student who once cheered in the stands, what it once was like.

“Every time we made a touchdown, we stood up and sang the fight song,” said Leora Matranga, from the class of 1952. “It was just really exciting and now our kids don’t even know them, so we want to bring that back.”

A display case of the marching band’s trophies and old pictures show just how far their talent took them.

And now, Grant High School’s math, science and music teacher is resurrecting those same sweet tunes.

“Our homecoming, we will have trumpets and trombone players out there,” said teacher James Van Buren.

“We’re just going to be looking awesome smiling and having lots of fun, and playing all the songs that mean a lot to the school that have been around forever but haven’t had anyone to play,” said Vogt.

Van Buren says his goal is to get more than 100 students to form a marching band and to join the drum line on the football field.

The alumni association must raise a quarter of a million dollars to make it happen.


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