Don’t leave home for a tailgating party without the essentials for a good time. One of the things that makes a tailgating event hot or not is the food and the outdoor games. This is not just your standard back-yard barbecue, it is an outdoor fest. Without the proper ingredients, you might not get to soak in all of the fun. To ensure that you and your friends have a great time tailgating this season, the following gadgets are essential to pack with you every time.

Gametime MVP Watch: Sport your 49ers where everyone will see it: on your wrist. This unassuming fan wear will keep you on time for all football events. Being water resistant, you can stay on top of things even in the San Francisco rain. Also, it is one of the more comfortable watches your wrist will ever have the pleasure of donning.

GoBar Portable Tailgate Bar from Go Pong: Always be ready to mix a drink and celebrate a good time no matter where your tailgating adventures bring you. You can live out that dream to be the one behind the bar keeping all patrons happy. Make sure to pack some red and gold straws to decorate each libation.

Go Pong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table: Beers and barbecues are key activities at a tailgate party. However, how many times have you wished a beer pong table was around to get the brews flowing more freely? With this toy, you don’t need to wish. If beer pong’s not your style, this table can easily be transformed into a great flip-cup surface. Never miss a chance for beer games again. This table is easy to transport and a definite crowd pleaser.

Sensio Bella 12-Inch Pizza Maker: You’ve likely used a waffle maker, panini press or George Foreman that looks similar to this device. However, how many times have you enjoyed a warm ‘za at a tailgate party? Keep warm during those cooler San Francisco pre-games by servings up some great pies. Pack along a package of pepperoni and feel free to use that hamburger meat as a topping. But most importantly, don’t forget the cheese!

Wine Tote and Blanket Tote from Picnic Time: Feeling like fine wine? San Francisco is blessed with wines from the northern vineyards and although hard to believe, tailgating parties don’t always have to include just beer. Wine lovers need not feel left out if they bring along their tote. With this pair of wine and blanket totes, you are ready for any tailgate. Fellow 49ers fans will be jealous that you’re sipping the delicacy and staying warm in the meantime.

Kraftware Stainless Steel Insulated Chip & Dip Bowl: Nothing’s better than sinking that chip into a warm, hearty dip at tailgates. However, nothing is more disappointing that realizing your dip has cooled and become fairly solid. Keep that delicious dip warm with this insulated chip and dip bowl. Fans will be dipping throughout the entire tailgate with smiles to follow each bite.

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Post Author: Rheba Estante. Rheba Estante is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. Her work can be found on


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