SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local family is still trying to come to terms with losing their son after an alleged drunk driver crashed into his motorcyclist and then fled the scene.

Phillip Montiero Jr., a father of six, was travelling on 24th Street on his motorcycle Thursday evening just blocks from his house when police say 57-year-old Victoria Brinkley-Hunter struck him.

“He was a mama’s boy … sorry” Lori Montiero said of her son as she broke down.

“He loved family, he’d do anything for family, and he just loved people,” Phillip Sr. said.

Police say Brinkley-Hunter would take off from the scene.

“He didn’t have a chance,” his mother said. “She stopped right there and he flew.”

A witness who didn’t want to show his face described what he saw that night.

“The car that hit the bike, like it stopped, and it was actually going to the side slowly,” he said. “When she say no one was coming to her, she just drived off quickly.”

But amazingly officers say witnesses would tail Brinkley-Hunter to a nearby apartment complex where police say they found her drunk.

“She just took off,” Phillip’s mother said. “How do you do that?”

His parents are left with questions but are trying to send a message to everyone about alcohol and driving and leaving someone behind

“You don’t run, you don’t leave a man on the street to die,” Lori said. “You don’t do that.”


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