Don begins with a recap of his weekend, which involved couch shopping, searching for big slabs of bacon, developing a taste for wine, and of course, watching football. The guys talk about the Red Zone Network, and the differences in the Comcast and Direct TV coverage, as well as the replacement official who was pulled from the Saints game for being a Saints fan. We also hear Steve’s new “Abortion Car” song, before Don tells us about a 102 year old woman who still drives, a pregnant lady who got a gun pulled on her for smoking, and Kate Middleton’s topless photos.

Little Joe manages to get a hold of the 102 year old lady, named Margaret Dunning, and she comes on the air, even giving Phantom a news intro! Then Don shows us a video entitled “Farting In The Hood,” and tells us that Brett Favre is coaching high school football. the guys also talk about the Saturday Night Live premiere, and Don reads off a list of famous disabled people. Don then puts together his “All Disabled” football team, and then plays an internet video of disabled kids acting like werewolves. We also hear Phantom’s bottom 4 NFL teams, a gay guy coming out on X-Factor, and and a college student punks “Fox And Friends.”

We then get a visit from Michael Crawford, owner of Sacramento Kia. Michael tells us about how he got into the car sales business 33 years ago, how he ended up in Sacramento, and how he became the #1 car dealer in Northern California. After Michael, Don tells us a story that just broke on about 2 people having sex in a Yankess Stadium bathroom stall, and show us a video taken by a fan. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Adele will sing the theme for the new James Bond movie, Sammy Hagar’s new bar and grill in Roseville opened over the weekend, Charlie Daniels will perform on Monday Night Football, and Mario Lopez’s bachelor party in Vegas. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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