Today is Doni’s birthday!! Don starts out by reading off a list of famous people who share the same birthday as him, and then pulls out a big jar of moonshine to share with the guys! After a couple shots, Don tells us about kissing his niece Beth while he was drunk on sambuca, and then gives Big Freda a call, as well as his wife Janet. Then our good buddy Mark S. Allen stops by to do a ventriliquist act, which is broadcast on Good Day Sacramento.

After Don tells us about a Pakistani who dies from inhaling the smoke of a burning U.S. flag, Frank Caliendo stops by to say happy birthday! Frank, who is performing at the San Jose Improv September 21 & 22, does the monkey dance for Don, since it’s his birthday, and gives us his take on the new guy who replaced him on FOX NFL. After Frank, Don has Craig call his favorite broadcaster, Regis Philbin, and Craig gets him on the air! Regis wishes Don a happy birthday, and Don tells Regis how big of a fan he is!

We then hear clips from Dina Lohan’s drunken appearance on Dr. Phil, and Don gets phone calls from our friend Lindsey Pavao, Don’s father-in-law Jim, and then twitter babe Georgie Fairmont. It’s then time for some “Moonshine Karaoke.” The guys, all hopped up on the Georgia shine, take turns singing songs, including G n’ R’s “Patience,” Chicago’s “If you leave me now,” and Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music.” The strippers then arrive from City Limits in Sacramento, and today, Don gets twins!!! After Don regains his composure, and the purple leaves his face, his son Bart calls in to say happy birthday!

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, among the stories: Regis’ new gig- appearing on Rachael Ray once a month, the McRib will be back in December, and Shaun White gets arrested for public drunkenness and vandalism. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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