The Jason Ross chatted with former VP of officiating Mike Pereira about the terrible officiating in week 2 and former Raiders and 49ers offensive lineman Jeremy Newberry stopped by to talk about playing in Greg Knapp’s offense and the QB’s involvement in the zone blocking scheme.

As always the show started with Tuesday’s “Leading Off.”

1. Sure, Peyton Manning threw 3 picks and the Falcons got a huge win on Monday night but the story–once again–is the officiating.

Did last night’s game on the national stage convince the NFL that they MUST get back to the table and negotiate with the officials?

2. Metta World Peace says the Lakers want to break the single-season win record set by the Bulls.

Do the Lakers have a legit shot at 73 games?

3. puts Raiders RB Darren McFadden and 49ers TE Vernon Davis on a list of the NFLs most overpaid players.

Do you disagree with the Bay Area representation on the list?


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