483245main 2endeavour full Download The Shuttle Endeavour Tribute Poster

(credit: NASA/Amy Lombardo)

NASA has created a tribute poster for each the shuttles including one for Endeavour.

According to NASA, Endeavour’s poster features Endeavour soaring into orbit above the sailing vessel HMS Endeavour for which it was named.

The Cupola, delivered to the International Space Station by Endeavour on STS-130, frames various images that represent the processing and execution of the Space Shuttle Program.

The background image was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and signifies the first shuttle servicing mission, which was performed by Endeavour’s STS-61 crew. Crew-designed patches from Endeavour’s maiden voyage through its final mission are shown ascending toward the stars.

•  CLICK HERE to download the Shuttle Endeavour Tribute Poster for yourself.


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