Thursday Night Football is bad for the league, and Grant began the show by letting fans know why. Grant also covered the Oakland A’s and their wildcard playoff push and Vince Young going broke.
Later in the show, Grant gave his weekly football picks, free of charge.

National football announcer Ian Eagle is covering the Oakland Raiders’ game this Sunday, so he joined Grant to talk about the team and other current topics in the NFL.

Eagle let Grant know that Power Balance Pavilion is in his top seven in best-food-in-the-NBA-press-boxes list, but beyond that tidbit, Eagle also gave Grant his thoughts on Thursday Night Football, whether or not the Carolina Panthers are for real, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rushing while Eli Manning was taking a knee and Steve Smith’s durability over the years despite his size.

Former NFL New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks came on the show with Grant and talked about the revival of a Giants and 49ers rivalry.

Banks talked about the last era when the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers were the two best teams in the NFL, the resurgence of the 49ers as a powerhouse, the upcoming Giants and Carolina Panthers matchup, Cam Newton and Steve Smith’s athletic abilities and the difficulty in playing on Sunday and then turning around and playing on Thursday.

John Smoltz of MLB Network made his weekly stop on the show today.

Smoltz gave his take on the difficult schedule the A’s have this month, whether Buck Showalter or Bob Melvin will win the Manager of the Year award, the San Francisco Giants’ surge after Melky Cabrera was busted for steroid use, the return of Andy Pettitte to the New York Yankees’ pitching rotation and what the loss of Mark Teixeira means to the Yankees.


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