SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The shuttle flyover brought business to a halt in downtown Sacramento, drawing large crowds and creating traffic headaches.

The streets of downtown Sacramento looked more like rush hour in Manhattan Friday morning.

“We’re gridlocked out here,” said one parking attendant.

“There’s probably a lot of people playing hooky from school and work this morning to see this, including me,” said city manager John Shirey.

Everywhere you turned there were stopped cars, blocked streets, police directing traffic and long lines into parking garages.

“I’m directing traffic to the stairwell because the elevators are completely clogged all the way up,” said one parking attendant.

And, city rooftops filled up quickly.

People of all ages pointed fingers, flags, and cameras, new and old, and even binoculars to the sky.

Then, the moment they had all been waiting for came. As the shuttle passed over, cries of excitement could be heard from every rooftop.

The flyover was short but sweet.

“Really majestic,” said one on looker.

The experience was once in a lifetime.

“It’s history, history in the making,” said another on looker.

Even if the trip downtown was long and frustrating, many didn’t seem to mind.

“I think it was worth missing school,” said one child.

Even with the big crowds, Sacramento police say there were no major accidents or issues.


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