ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Squeaky clean floors and not a piece of trash in sight, keeping Sutter Roseville clean is one man’s mission. It’s a big job and an important one to make sure all the medical waste is taken care of.

Sutter Roseville Medical Center is one of the busiest hospitals around, and being a busy hospital means a lot of garbage; lots of garbage.

Someone has to take care of all the garbage, and that someone is Fred.

You will find Fred rolling down the hallways everyday on his Don Quixote-esque mission of taking out the hospital’s trash.

“If I didn’t pick up this stuff, it would be overflowing everywhere,” said Fred. “It’s nonstop; never ends, never ends.”

It’s a dirty job, a dirty smelly job.

“It can get smelly and stinky,” said Fred. “But, I’m immune to it.”

While it might not be the most glamorous gig in the hospital, he always goes about his business with a smile and a sense of humor. Even though he is super busy, there is a perk to being the busiest garbage guy around.

“It can get super busy, a little overwhelming. You need help, but there is no one to help; you do what you can,” said Fred. “It’s a workout, constantly moving. I don’t have to go to the gym; I’ll do it at work.”


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