ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A domestic violence call turns deadly after a police officer says he was forced to fire on a Roseville man.

The officer says he shot and killed 35-year-old Paul Lawson Storey to protect his partner.

This is the city’s first officer involved shooting in six years.

“The man was armed with a baseball bat,” said Sgt. Josh Simon, Roseville Police Department.

Officers say Storey was drunk and pushing a woman outside a home on Sierra Gardens Drive in Roseville.

“Anytime we have a domestic disturbance, emotions are high and it is a very dangerous situation, and so officers are definitely on their toes,” said Simon.

Neighbors reported that Storey may have also had a gun. When police tried to arrest him, they say he resisted and even got physical with an officer.

“We heard police yelling ‘get on the ground, get your hands out of your pockets, get on the ground’ maybe 8 times and then he shot,” said witness Irene Murphy.

Three gunshots rang out right outside Irene Murphy’s bedroom window.

“We ducked down,” said Murphy.

Bob Moffett hid behind this pickup truck 100 feet from where officers opened fire.

“I just dropped down. I wasn’t sure which way the bullets were flying,” said Moffett.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

Moffett says he’s shocked the man shot by police was his next door neighbor.

“They’re good neighbors. They got two little kids,” said Moffett. “It’s just hard to comprehend.”

“It does surprise me a lot. There’s never any real problems like this around here,” said Murphy.

Officers say they never located a gun at the scene.

Witnesses say a woman who may have known Storey could be heard frantically screaming. It’s a sound that won’t escape Murphy’s mind.

“I’m still hearing her screaming in my head. I’m still hearing it because whoever she was with just got shot,” said Murphy. “I’m still surprised by the whole thing. I don’t know what to think.”

Police say they have not been called out to that home for a domestic disturbance call in the past.

The officer who fired the deadly shot is now on standard paid leave.


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