DAVIS (CBS13) – A local hospital is opening its doors to more people with a special focus on some of the youngest patients.

After more than 10 years of planning, UC Davis Medical Center is unveiling its new cancer center. The new space allows kids and adults to be treated under one roof.

Monday marks the beginning of a new chapter at UC Davis.

“This is kind of a new and novel thing, and we’re happy to have that,” said Jeanine Stiles, Associate Director.

Now 110,000 square feet are providing care for an estimated 10,000.

“We look after the process of cancer from prevention to patterns to care in between,” said Ralph White, of the cancer center.

One of the big differences now is who can utilize services in the building, like pediatric patients who were seen in a separate building several blocks away.

“We take care of everyone from 3 months old to 18, when they pass into adulthood,” said Stiles.

Combining these services is expected to improve patient care and make it easier on families.

“If you can get everyone together you are able to look after patients today, but you get the research to help us look after patients tomorrow,” said White.

The new wing boasts an entire floor strictly for pediatrics, a number of exam rooms, infusion chairs for chemo, isolation rooms for privacy, and an indoor play area.

“We’re going to be able to have them transition from pediatrics to the adult population, and be able to manage those populations much better,” said Stiles.

The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center opens Monday, and after the long road to get here, the excitement is running high.

“My job is to be the coach, but it is everyone in the field that is going to win,” said White. “This is the ultimate in a team effort.”

The new space also includes a resource center and a pharmacy.

The funding for the expansion was done with help from a number of donations, including a $5 million contribution from the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation.


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