SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Snapped in a stall, women were robbed of their privacy as they were recorded in the bathroom next to a popular midtown restaurant.

It allegedly happened in a common area bathroom, and the employee who called police ended up trying to keep the suspect safe from angry boyfriends.

Imagine being in the stall of a public bathroom in a compromising position and seeing a cell phone staring at you.

Pat Shelley of Luigi’s Slice in midtown Sacramento was working the night police say Carlos Carranza was hiding in the stall of the women’s restroom videotaping unsuspecting victims.

A woman and her friend spotted the camera.

The young lady came out of the stall and allegedly saw the suspect in the other stall. She ran and told Shelley.

“I was like, like what,” said Shelley.

He confronted Carranza.

“So I said, so I guess I’ll call the cops right,” said Shelley.

He says Carranza told him he was in the women’s bathroom because the men’s was locked.

So the alleged victims then got their boyfriends, and they were angry.

Shelley had a dilemma trying to keep the suspect from getting away until police arrived and trying to keep him safe from the angry boyfriends.

“When the two guys started getting angry we’re like, ‘just hold on man. We called the cops already. Just please, please wait,’ but they were really mad,” said Shelley.

He was on the phone again.

Carranza ran for his life.

“The guys were like, ‘where did he go’ and I was like ‘I don’t know man,’ ” said Shelley.

The suspect ran right toward arriving police, looking for protection. Instead, he was arrested.

The suspect is still behind bars being held on $1 million bail, and what remains is if there are more possible victims out there.


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