STOCKTON (CBS13) – It is a violent crime in what should be a peaceful place.

An elderly man was attacked and robbed at the same park where another man was robbed and killed last week.

Faustino Uribe, 74, walked to Victory Park all the time. But this time, when he went into the bathroom, the robber took Uribe’s cane and beat him.

“That’s what he does everyday, he has to walk everyday,” said daughter Mayra Uribe.

Mayra Uribe received the call that her dad Faustino had been badly beaten.

“He had a fracture on this side,” said Mayra.

Concerned for his safety, his family does not want us to show you his face, but you can tell from the bandages he has a lot of healing ahead.

“Obviously, no compassion, no morals to do something like that,” said Mayra.

Faustino can’t really communicate his pain or much else. He had a stroke several years ago, making it tough for investigators to get information about who’s responsible.

“It’s frustrating because he cannot tell you who did it,” said Mayra.

Detectives say Faustino took that beating with his own cane for the robber to run off with all the cash he had, which was just $40.

This comes just one week after 60-year-old Armando Pina was shot and killed in Victory Park during a gold chain robbery.

Investigators will look into whether the two crimes are connected.

The escalating violence is the reason Mayra is talking to CBS13, hoping her father’s attack will be the last.

“It’s time to do something for all of us, as a community, for us to stick together and be united; and it’s time to stop being afraid, to stop being freezed (sic) by fear,” said Mayra.

This is the second time her father was robbed in Victory Park. The first time was in 2005, but that time, they only took his cash and ran.

Investigators say they still don’t have any leads in connection to this case or the murder of Pina from last week.


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