SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A mother was arrested after police say she sprayed a chemical into the faces of her two daughters.

“I wouldn’t even think of doing that,” said one neighbor.

But police say mother Priya Puelicher, 41, did. She was punishing her young daughters, not with a spanking or timeout, but instead with a burning spray to the eyes.

“It’s a shock,” said another neighbor.

Officers say they got a call from, of all people, Puelicher’s own husband. He reported the assault on their 9-year-old and 11-year-old daughters.

“We take this extremely seriously,” said Officer Michelle Gigante, Sacramento Police Department.

Investigators responded to the North Natomas home in the 100 block of Cafaro Circle, and found out Puelicher had intentionally sprayed a stain and odor remover, which is used to remove pet urine, directly into the eyes of her daughters.

“When’s there’s a caustic chemical that’s intentionally sprayed into a child’s face, you’re going to be investigated and you’re going to go to jail,” said Gigante.

While it appears the two girls will fully recover, ophthalmologist Dr. Rick Jones says using even a non-toxic cleaner with rubbing alcohol can cause major complications.

“It can cause a small burn to the surface of the eye called the cornea,” said ophthalmologist Dr. Rick Jones. “Pain, discomfort, tearing discomfort, and temporary loss of vision for several days,” are just some of the complications.

Puelicher is now charged with assault and child endangerment.

“I think some children need to be disciplined, but that is over the line by far,” said a neighbor.

Puelicher is currently out of jail, and the children are staying with their father.


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