Don begins the day with a recap of his weekend, including his first experience with “Millionaire’s Bacon,” and he absolutely loved it. We also hear about Lisa Lampanelli’s performance at the Crest Theater on Saturday night, and getting to meet the Queen of Mean backstage before the show. Don then tells us about going couch shopping, and the annoying sales lady at the furniture store who was too overbearing for Don’s liking.

After hearing Little Joe’s “Upper Decker” story, we get a visit from Reno Wilson, from the CBS series “Mike and Molly,” which premieres it’s third season tonight. Reno tells us whether or not there is really feuding amongst the cast members, as reported in the Enquirer, and that Billy Gardell has lost 50 pounds. He also tells us about the show getting a syndication deal, which starts in 2014, and what it’s really like working with Holly Robinson Peete.

After Reno, we hear about Craig walking in on his topless Grandma Bev last night, and Don gives her a call to find out what happened. We then hear new bumper liners for the show, created by Slow Joe and Rosie, and Billie Joe Armstrong’s on stage flip out during Green Day’s show over the weekend. We also hear a few bizarre news stories, and Don reads Janice from Modesto’s incoherent tweets, before playing “Make Little Joe Laugh” with the listeners.

After Don tells us about an Indiana woman who was hit in the face by a case of Natty Light after the Notre Dame game, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, among the stories: L.A. is cutting down 400 trees to accommodate transport of the space shuttle Endeavor, unregistered vehicles are costing California money, Richie Sambora doesn’t remember ever playing with Green Day, and a Wisconsin man gets busted for having sex with a couch. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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