SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento man came home Tuesday morning to find a stranger at his front door, fresh from a shower in his house.

“She had my son’s robe on and I assume nothing else, but I didn’t check to see,” Randy Kizer said.

She made herself right at home.

“She used this towel right here, and that’s where she took the shower,” Kizer said as he showed CBS13 the bathroom the woman used. “She even found soap.”

“It was like I was intruding into her home — not the other way around,” said Randy.

A bewildered Randy Kizer says the 24-year-old complete stranger answered his door with her hair wet, fresh out of his shower, and then tried to explain that she thought the house was abandoned.

“She goes, ‘Can I go change?'” Randy said. “And I go, ‘Yeah, you can.'”

Randy didn’t dare go inside in case she had company.

“I go, ‘Are you homeless?’ and she goes ‘yeah.'”

When she came back out 10 minutes later, Randy noticed her pockets seemed awfully full. Deputies cuffed Jennifer Burgess and discovered she had more than a little spare change.

Randy says she’d taken spare house and car keys, and that wasn’t all.

“The kids’ allowance money and stuff had all been taken,” Randy said. “My daughter was real upset that her (money) for church had all been taken.”

And get this: Randy thinks it may not have been Burgess’ first shower in his house.

“I go, ‘So how many times have you been here?’ and she goes ,’This is the first time.'”

But he noticed his dogs were calm around her. They usually bark at strangers.

Burgess was booked on burglary charges, so while it may not have been her first shower at Randy’s, it certainly wasn’t a clean break.

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