STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton father is accused of keeping a loading gun in a child’s dresser, but the family says the situation was overblown by police.

The raid took place on a quite neighborhood on Gloria Drive. There are a lot of Halloween decorations outside th home, indicating kids live there. However, police say when they went inside they were surprised with what they found.

“During that search they located two loaded fire arms in a drawer in a child’s playroom,” Stockton police Officer Joe Silva said.

The father of 23-year-old James Grammar defended his son. Grammar and the man’s future son-in-law Sergio Ayala both live with him at his home and both are behind bars on drug and weapons charges.

“They’re blowing it all out of proportion,” he said. “Coming in here drawing guns.”

The father didn’t want to be identified but says he was home when police entered his house on Tuesday to conduct a probation search on Ayala, a documented gang member.

Police say during the search they not only found the two loaded handguns in a child’s room but also ammunition and crystal meth.

The father understood the search but not their etiquette.

“I’m upset because they’re making my house out to be a drug house and it’s not a drug house,” he said.

The father says his son kept the gun locked in a box and his grandkids didn’t have access to it.

And what about the narcotics found?

“My son didn’t have the meth,” he said. “It was my so called son-in-law.”

Both suspects are also facing child endangerment charges. The children are still with their grandfather.


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