Today on the Grant Napear Show, Jason Ross filled in and the discussion was all about the bad call in the Seattle Seahawks’ Monday night game against the Green Bay Packers. Jason talked about and took calls about the replacement refs, how the NFL can fix the situation, and how players can help the referee situation. Jason interviewed Charles Davis and Tyreke Evans.

Charles Davis from Fox Sports joined Jason today to talk about week 3 NFL action as well as college football. Charles and Jason first discussed the replacement officials and the controversial call in the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks game on Monday Night Football. Next, Charles discussed the Oklahoma State and Texas game, which he is calling on Saturday. Finally, Charles and Jason talked about Oregon State and the competitiveness of the Pac-12 Conference.

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings was on with Jason today to talk about the Kings and the upcoming NBA season. Tyreke discussed the Kings’ offseason and how the team came together to help their team chemistry. He also talked about giving back to the community of Chester, Penn., how he has stayed in shape and the things he has done to improve his game. Finally, he gave some insight into what the Kings’ plan for him is this year, how point guards Aaron Brooks and Isaiah Thomas have looked, and how the Western Conference looks heading into the season.


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