STOCKTON (CBS13) – A 35-year-old Stockton man was arrested for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend early Wednesday morning after the woman spotted a patrol car and jumped out of his vehicle on a freeway on-ramp, police said.

Patrol officers were getting onto Interstate 5 from Fremont Street at 2:54 a.m. when they noticed a vehicle in front of them pull over. The woman, 21, exited from the passenger’s side and ran toward officers.

Officers were able to detain the driver, identified as Juan Julio Ciro. The investigation revealed that Ciro, the woman’s ex-boyfriend, had requested the woman take a ride with him. She agreed and while they were driving, she reportedly informed Ciro they would never get back together.

At that point, Ciro locked the car doors and told her he was getting onto the freeway to kill her and himself, police said.

Ciro was arrested for kidnapping, criminal threats and driving without a license.


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