YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) – It’s a dangerous intersection with a new warning from a county supervisor as he says crossing the road could mean a potentially deadly drive.

The Yolo supervisor is even telling people to stay away from the intersection of County Roads 98 and 27, west of Highway 113, between Woodland and Davis.

It’s an intersection that some fear is an accident waiting to happen.

“I’ve seen more accidents than I can remember,” Laura Cano said.

Yolo County Supervisor Duane Chamberlain even warns to take a detour.

“My advice to drivers is to avoid the intersection,” said Chamberlain.

There’s no stop sign for drivers heading north or south on County Road 98. However, drivers heading east or west on County Road 27 do have to stop, but often dart across.

“Sometimes you’ll get caught, nowhere to go, people flying through,” said Cano. “They just fly through.”

There have been six wrecks so far this year, with countless more close calls.

Chamberlain says enough is enough. He wants to stop the danger with a four-way stop.

“I don’t like stop signs any more than anyone else, but I don’t need people getting hurt and killed,” said Chamberlain.

He says turn lanes on 98 confuse commuters, which he experienced first-hand.

“I was in an accident there a few years ago myself,” said Chamberlain. “A guy came into the intersection, and lady would’ve hit him and instead swerved and hit the side of my pickup.”

There is an ongoing $15 million safety improvement project along County Road 98.

Ironically, it does not include the four-way stop, the one thing Chamberlain argues would end the accidents.

“How many accidents do you want until you fix the problem?” asks Chamberlain. “Until someone gets killed? That’s really what it amounts to, and I really don’t want to see that happen.”

Seven years ago he successfully pushed for a four-way stop just down the road. This time around, it’s up in the air, and no word from Yolo Public Works.


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