SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Good Samaritan came to the rescue after a child went missing along with a stolen car.

That 8-year-old was asleep at the time in the backseat and had no clue he was caught in the middle of a heated confrontation.

The little boy was scared when he woke from sleeping in the back of the car and had no idea what was going on.

“I wanted to cry with the little boy. It was so sad; I just didn’t know what to do. It was sad,” Griselda Galvan said.

She had just walked outside when she saw a car stop suddenly and a little boy got out.

“A lady kicked a little boy out of the car, saying ‘get out, get out the car’ and she threw some shoes at him,” Galvan said.

The boy was an 8-year-old named Ivan. His family says he was asleep in the backseat while his dad went to confront a teen bullying his nephew.

In just minutes, a stranger, a woman hopped in their car and took off with Ivan still asleep in the backseat.

Ivan wasn’t with the woman all that long in the car she stole. She drove just a few blocks and dropped the boy off.

Galvan grabbed Ivan and called 911.

“He says when he woke up the lady was just yelling at him to get out of the car,” Galvan said. “So I don’t know who was the lady and he said he didn’t know who she was.”

Ivan didn’t stop crying.

“It was a good thing, getting that boy over here, calling 911,” Galvan said.

Ivan’s family is just glad he’s safe. They haven’t had a chance to thank Galvan in person, but deputies showed their gratitude as soon as they raced to the scene.

“They said thank you, and took the boy,” Galvan said.

Now as for Ivan, according to his family, he is back with his dad and he wasn’t hurt.

They also said the stolen car was found, but investigators still haven’t found the woman car thief.


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