SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A surveillance video captured the crash of a teen driver in a stolen car.

Knott’s Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Steve Dokimos jokes with customers this was someone’s attempt at creating a drive-thru for his pharmacy, but cops say it was more like an attempted hit and run.

If you blink you’ll almost miss it. In just over a second, the red SUV veers out of control, and then shattered glass appears on the sidewalk.

But a pharmacy surveillance video doesn’t show the extent of the damage caused by the impact.

“All the merchandise in the front of the store is a complete loss and several of the fixtures are damaged,” said Dokimos. “The impact was quite quick. He seemed to be going very fast.”

It was fast because police say the 19-year-old driver sped away from another scene, where he’s accused of stealing the SUV.

Police say the stolen car ended up crashing into the pharmacy after hitting another car. Even after the crash, police say he tried to make yet another getaway by running off before being caught by cops.

Dokimos didn’t know what to think when he got the call that a car had crashed into his store.

“You’re driving up knowing nothing. I was kind of envisioning the car being halfway in the store maybe, trying to use it to break in,” said Dokimos.

He’s just thankful that what started with a big crash didn’t end with anyone getting hurt.

“Just really, really lucky no one was here,” said Dokimos. “If anyone was in that corner of the store they would have been hit with flying glass.

Though he’s already back at work, Dokimos says he’s unsure how long it will take to fix all of this damage.

The suspect’s mug shot is not being released while police investigate whether he’s tied to other crimes.


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