Injured A's Pitcher Reportedly Gets Irate After 'Road Rage' IncidentBy Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) – It seems there are three faces of Oakland A’s pitcher and Stockton resident Dallas Braden.

There’s the guy who pitched a perfect game, the homeowner who yelled at Stockton city leaders about a soaring crime rate, and now CBS13 has uncovered a driver who pitched a fit with police.

Two surfacing police reports paint a different picture of the pitcher.

CBS13 has obtained two police reports that paint Braden as a hot-tempered bully.

One describes a confrontation with Stockton police after his near car-jacking last week.

An officer wrote, “I noticed Dallas appeared to be upset and yelling regarding Dallas making several attempts to contact police via 911 but was unable to get through.”

“Dallas shouted out, ‘I’m Dallas Braden, I’m a multi-millionaire and I pitch for the Oakland A’s. I pay your (expletive) salary. That’s why I hate you (expletive).’ ”

The officer continued, “It should be noted that I was not able to get a word in with Dallas because he was yelling so much.”

Braden described the incident to CBS13 Wednesday, saying his anger was based on cops’ inaction.

“You know what he told me to do? Get back in my car before he takes me to county. I’m disturbing an investigation,” said Braden.

In a separate police report filed by the CHP last year, Braden was investigated for a road rage incident.

The report reads, “Braden spit on the right side of victim’s vehicle,” then “Braden rolled down the passenger side window and threw a smoothie out of the cup at the victim’s vehicle.”

The new police investigation revelations show the perfect-game-pitcher with a less-than-perfect persona.

Now he says he’s leaving Stockton because police won’t protect him.

“I’ve fought for this community. I’ve given back to this community, because I love this community,” Braden said to CBS13 after a anti-violence meeting in Victory Park. “This community raised me to be where I am today, and to be lied to blatantly by the guy who’s supposed to be running the shots around here, I can’t do anything. I have nobody to go to.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Braden did enter anger management following the CHP road rage investigation.


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