VALLEJO (CBS13) – Police believe it’s a possible case of domestic terrorism after a Northern California mayor’s office goes up in flames.

Now, Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis’ home is now being protected with armed security.

“We are treating it as an arson,” said Lt. Sid De Jesus of the Vallejo Police Department.

But this isn’t any arson case, after the private law firm of Davis was charred.

“Because it is an elected official, there could be other components that we really need to pay attention to,” said De Jesus.

In fact, Vallejo police aren’t the only ones paying attention. They’re calling this a possible case of domestic terrorism, and asking for help from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“To utilize resources, quite honestly, this organization may not have,” said De Jesus.

Davis was not available for comment Saturday, but his law partner told CBS13 their civil law practice has had its windows broken with rocks in recent weeks.

He says around 1 a.m. Saturday, someone put a device through the mail slot, which started the devastating blaze.

So, who would want to send a message to Davis?

He has seen the city through deep cuts and bankruptcy, and some have also expressed concern over the amount of officer-involved shootings in the city; seven just this year.

CBS13 discovered a Facebook page against Davis, with a graphic with his photos and the words lies and hate.

Sources tell CBS13 Vallejo officers have now been assigned to guard Davis until this is solved.

However, police would not confirm if they were guarding Davis.

“The fact that it involves the mayor of this city, a public servant, (and) the fact that it could be a form of domestic terrorism certainly is a concern,” said De Jesus.

Davis’ law partner says they will not try to move their office to another commercial space, and will try to be back in court as early as next week.

Multiple attempts were made to reach out to Davis for a comment, but no response was received.


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