VALLEJO (CBS13) – Vallejo’s mayor was the target of a fiery attack, but he held a press conference Monday saying he’s not about to back down.

At that press conference, police said there is no doubt this is an arson case, but the mayor said it will not stop his civil duties.

“Your attempt to intimidate or instill fear has failed,” Osby Davis said.

Those were the direct words from Davis to those responsible for torching his private law firm over the weekend. He expressed little doubt the business was targeted because of his position at City Hall.

“To believe otherwise, at this particular time, would be to ignore the facts of the escalating facts of intimidation,” he said.

In fact Davis says over the past year his law firm and other properties have been the target of escalating vandalism – including rocks thrown through his windows – but Davis wouldn’t guess why.

Some citizens have expressed outrage over recent officer-involved shootings, someone even made an anti-Davis Facebook page.

“It’s incendiary in nature,” an officer said of the building fire. “It was an arson.”

But that is really all investigators would say Monday, adding they were likely going to involve the ATF soon.

Meanwhile, in a bit of a confusing turn, we learned Monday afternoon that there was another arson in the morning just three blocks from the firm.

A shed was torched and there was an attempted arson in the same complex. Police said it’s unclear if they’re related.

Davis, meanwhile, made himself clear that he’ll continue his work.

“I am not now nor will I ever be intimidated by cowardly acts of vandalism or criminal conduct,” he said. “It has only strengthened my resolve to continue to do what I need to do.”


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