AUBURN (CBS13) – A dispute between neighbors turned ugly after an Auburn man hung up an angry sign on his home.

The bitter battle has been brewing for years, and it’s all over a generator in one family’s yard.

A generator rests right next to a beautiful creek. It sounds like a generator, and it was loud enough for a family to make a bold move.

“We’re at our wits’ end; we’ve tried to come up with solutions,” said Randy Jungers.

Jungers felt this was his last option, posting a sign on his house in big letters. It reads, “Your Generator Is Obnoxious A**holes.”

“What else are we supposed to do?” asks Jungers.

The dispute has been going on for four years — ever since the Robinsons installed the generator by a creek. It pumps water into a nearby pond.

“I can hardly hear it. It’s no more than the sound your car is making,” said Cheryl Robinson, the neighbor who owns the generator.

However, Jungers says he hears it loud and clear.

“He lives a half mile over the hill,” said Jungers. “So he never has to listen to it.”

Jungers has sent three letters to the Robinsons, and says he’s even offered to pay to help fix the problem.

“I just wanted to resolve it,” said Jungers.

But Robinson says the solution of adding an electric line to the pump is too expensive, and will cost thousands.

“Right now, we are just trying to feed our deer, and horses, and fish, and our turtles that we have growing in our pond,” said Robinson.

Randy says the sign will stay until the generator goes.

“We’re not invading their privacy; they’re invading ours and have been for years,” said Jungers.

Currently, the generator continues to pump water out of the creek, and continues to generate an uncomfortable situation for neighbors in Auburn.

The sheriff’s department told us that there is nothing illegal about the sign.


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