DAVIS (CBS13) – UC Davis police are looking for a man they say tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl.

The girl was able to get away and provide a very detailed description to police.

You may be wondering what a 10-year-old is doing on the UC Davis campus, but that girl actually lives in student housing for families, and the complexes actually have a lot of children. So residents are all hoping the suspect doesn’t come back.

He has grey eyes, multiple piercings, and a swastika tattoo, but UC Davis police are still trying to figure out who he is.

“He looks like he’s a predator to me,” said Lavina Wiggington.

For grandmother Wiggington, that’s a judgment not just from his sketch, but from seeing the predator in person Sunday in Orchard Park Family Housing.

“We were out walking around and we seen him over by the office,” said Wiggington.

Wiggington didn’t have a clue that same man may be the one who approached a 10-year-old girl, asking where her parents were. Police say when she didn’t respond he tried to grab the girl, telling her come home with him.

“She ran away and later told her parents what had happened,” said Lt. Don Malloy, UC Davis police.

It was a close call, but now there is a search for an attempted kidnapper with posters of his face all around.

“Ochard Park itself, we usually think of it as a very safe place,” said one father.

But, parents are giving it a second thought.

“It’s just real scary,” said Wiggington.

The incident comes just three months after another attempted kidnapping. This time on a Davis road, a van caught on surveillance an older couple inside, trying to lure an 11-year-old boy inside.

“They never get out of our sight,” said Wiggington of her grandchildren.

For those like Wiggington, they’re keeping extra watch, hoping they don’t see the suspect again.

“If I do, I’m going to call the cops,” said Wiggington.

That man’s tattoos were on his arms, a cross and rose, and he had a swastika on his leg. He was last seen riding away on a bike.


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