By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Rio Americano High School suspended the players for a full game, but they were back on the sidelines and back in the game Friday night.

It was no ordinary game with legendary Max Miller, their new coach.

Sprung with a symbolic block by number 10, senior Guillermo Salazar, Rio Americano Raiders raced into the end zone for their first touchdown.

“I’m just happy all the seniors are back on,” said one fan from the stands.

It was Salazar at the center of this week’s campus controversy that led to coach Christian Mahaffey’s removal.

Mahaffey cut Salazar for choosing a college recruiting baseball tournament over a football game.

Eleven seniors then protested that move, pledging to quit, which led to Mahaffey’s removal. It was a decision by the principal, who also reinstated all the players.

“They have everything against them by changing their coaching staff. I am all for this team,” said one man.

The move sparked questions about whether a coach should be overruled by a group of high school athletes.

“It’s more of a sign of solidarity what they did. When you feel you’re wronged, you should always stick with each other,” said a spectator.

Now the Rio Americano rift appears to be replaced with a more familiar fanfare for Friday night football.

Rio Americano won its first game back, 30-6.


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