Don begins by telling us why he’s really tired this morning, and then reads off the only things he’s allowed to eat today since he’s still on his diet. We then get a demonstration from Craig on how to massage your prostate, And Don calls is Sweaty Sean and Ron Ron from promotions. Sean and Ron are giving away ticket packs to Kings games today, and Don sends them out to Bella Bru in Natomas to give them away to lucky listeners. After Don tells us about his agent’s idea to have webcams in the studio, we see a clip from Hulk Hogan’s newly leaked sex tape, and hear Al Gore’s excuse for President Obama losing the debate.

We then get an in studio visit from comedian Big Jay Oakerson. Big Jay, who is performing at the Punchline in Sac this weekend, talks about opening for Louis CK, his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, not apologizing for his jokes, and doing an “All Nude” episode of his podcast. After Jay, we get another visit from our good friend, NFL great Conrad Dobler. Conrad, who is calling from St. Louis, talks about the Rams/Cards game last night in which he attended, how the fans in St. Louis treat him after all these years, his numerous surgeries, and what he would’ve done to the replacement refs.

We then go to Sean and Ron out in Natomas, and Don talks to the lucky listeners who have won the ticket packs. After hearing Jon Stewart rip the President last night on the “Daily Show,” we hear Liam Neeson on Sportscenter yesterday, and after Slow Joe takes his shirt off, Don sends him out to the lobby to surprise Angie the receptionist. The guys then pick the NFL games, and Don calls Green Bay, before turning it over to Phantom, for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories: A Tallahassee man gets busted for having sex with a horse – AGAIN, TV reminders for the evening, and Rock ‘N Roll bands that aren’t in the Hall Of Fame. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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