SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s a bizarre burglary bust after a man admits to stealing from a Sacramento Mountain Lions football player.

“I can’t even say I regretted it,” Damien Belmonte said behind bars at Sacramento County Jail.

It’s because Belmonte says it was God who sent him into the Arden Hilton, the home away from home for players of the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

“Something kept telling me, like itching at me, to go up to the rooms,” said Belmonte.

He did, entering the unlocked room of player number 29, Jonathan Wade. The corner back wasn’t inside, so he read Wade’s Bible.

“It was telling me, ‘take his stuff,’ ” said Belmonte.

So he ransacked Wade’s room, taking his iPad, his iPod, his music, and his wallet. It all went into the 25-year-old’s bag. But then, Belmonte felt bad and went to Wade’s bathroom, deciding to wait for hours before he was discovered.

“I told them all I wanted to see Jonathan Wade immediately,” said Belmonte.

Belmonte wanted to tell Wade that he was being penalized, but he didn’t know why.

Meanwhile, the players were able to keep Belmonte there without unnecessary roughness, until police arrived.

Sunday the team issued this statement:

“We are happy to report that all of our players handled the situation in a mature and professional manner, and no players were injured or harmed in any way.”

Belmonte was charged with burglary.

“Whatever Jonathan Wade did that night, caused his whole entire team really bad luck apparently,” said Belmonte.

He says that he has never had a history of mental illness, but admits to having some alcoholic drinks before going up to the hotel room.


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