PATTERSON (CBS13) – A Patterson man just finished walking across America, and he started with only the shoes on his feet.

Nick Kleckner depended on the kindness of strangers to help him along the way.

Like a lot of folks these days, Kleckner was a little lost.

“I was moving ahead, making money, but inside my personal growth, I felt like I was in a rut,” said Kleckner.

So, to clear his head, he decided to take a walk; and he kept walking, and he kept walking, until he walked all the way across America.

“I told my buddies that I didn’t know why but I was going to walk across the country,” said Kleckner.

He started in Jacksonville, Fla., with just about nothing.

“Packed up my stuff and started walking,” said Kleckner.

He had no cash, no phone, just an iPod Touch and his hat.

He had one rule: he would rely only on the kindness of strangers.

“I only wanted help from people I met face to face, people I didn’t know when I started,” said Kleckner.

And, it worked. As he made his way across the country, people helped him. He would take what he needed and give away the rest to homeless people along his way.

“I would receive something, and instead of using it all myself, I would give it back,” said Kleckner.

The more he gave away, the more God, the universe, or he isn’t sure what, would provide.

“There were times I would need stuff, like a first aid kit, and someone would show up with a first aid kit,” said Kleckner.

Last Saturday, he finally made his way to Huntington Beach, Calif.

“Hitting the water, couldn’t believe it. Sitting in that water thinking ‘I started on one ocean and I’m in the other,’ it was crazy,” said Kleckner.

He’s not sure when, but he says he’ll walk across the country again at some point.


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